Your desktop apps anywhere

Perpetual and one-year cloud license system


Remote access now faster than local

Let users easily and securely connect to Windows applications and files. AnyWin provides great performance and user friendly interface. Access your corporate data, share file, print remotly - now its easier then you think.


Powerfull Features

Why AnyWin?


High performance HTML5 client providing browser based access to Windows applications virtual and phisical. Access your Windows apps through web browser!

HyperGrid 2.0

The new protocol HyperGrid 2.0 is now decrypting and encrypting data in milliseconds. That's why work through AnyWin is as fast as local.


You will work without breaks. In AnyWin you can set multiple server redundancy. Anywin auto failover will recognize problem with server. Just get this done

Mobile client

Your applications on mobile with user friendly interface. Available in Google Play Store.

Quick first start

AnyWin is ready to use in 5 minutes with basic configuration. Intuitive interface is easy to set and deploy AnyWin.

Simple integration

You can easy integrate it with active directory and use Windows authentication or set separate system.

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