With AnyWin user can access Windows applications remotly with client or Web browser just like they are working locally on Windows machine. Administrators are allowed to control previeleges.They can also create direct access to specific application. AnyWin is easy to deploy. You can integrate it with active direcotry or use as standalone system. If drive mount is enable you can access your drives and remote machine drives. AnyWin have built in universal printer driver which allows you to print without installing drivers. Pos printer with serial port? No problem! AnyWin redirect it to you.

Hyper Grid 2.0 protocol

Our protocol Hyper Grid 2.0 is compressing and decopmressing data in miliseconds, thats why you don’t need to have fast internet connection. Do you have Old pc? You can repurpose it to work with AnyWin with our Software in few minutes.

AnyWin is secure

All data between client and server are encypted by AES 128bit or 256 bit and 3DES 192bit.
Authorization of users can be performed using Windows mechanisms or via the AnyWin server. Windows authorization allows additional control of access rights in the application. Authorization by the AnyWin server allows administartor to control which application is published to specific user and control rights.

Only applications selected by the administrator will be available for users to run over the network. This method of operation limits the ability to interfere in the server environment.

AnyWin servers can work in a farm

This solution will be useful when:

  • one server is not enough to handle all users. The farm will allow to distribute the load between several servers in a transparent way for the end user.
  • you need to smoothly switch to a backup server

Infrastructure example